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fix the access rights of your app. No way this app really needs all that access on my phone.

I thought of giving your app a try. But when I saw the long long list of needed rights I dumped the idea. That's a complete nogo. There isn't a single app in the world that I would grant all that access to.

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  • Charlie commented  ·   ·  Flag as inappropriate

    Hi Sunny,
    Great feeling to read your comment - it is the first one! - and you will be on our list of honor!
    I really understand you as this bunch of regulations is not what we want either. We want PIXXERS to be a simple and fair new way to get the photos you want - or the ones you want to provide - or sell. But legal issues of photography really have become very complex and a big issue for image banks. And lawyers exceeded that to the max.
    We want to simplify this but there is a big heap of work to be done.
    Above all we respect privacy but some of the rights you mention are important for us to be on the legal side - for example if a PIXXERS user is infringing someone else's rights.
    And there are some things that are important for the service PIXXERS provides:
    Geo localization and push notifications are essential for PIXXERS - because this gives photographers the possibility to fulfill wishes for pictures from around the world almost in real time. So it is necessary to allow us to use these informations. Otherwise PIXXERS is only half the fun.

    If it was only private wishes the whole thing would not be so important.
    But this weekend we will launch the completely new PIXXERS website - with the possibility to start using PIXXERS for business too. And legal things will get even more substantial.

    Hope I could give you a bit of an insight about all the legal stuff we are confronted with and I really would be glad if you use PIXXERS after all ;))

    Stay tuned and start wishing!

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